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I have been blacksmithing since 1980 when I began studying the craft under the instruction of Rolando DeLeon of Santa Fe, NM. I continued studying under the guidance of Francis Whitaker of Aspen, CO. and other recognized smiths.

While working at Sandia National Laboratories in the precision metal forming section, I began to introduce the idea of forgings as a viable and economical way to produce prototype parts. From 1986 to 1993 I was the Resident Blacksmith at Sandia National Laboratories.

During my tenure I developed what is known amongst blacksmiths as the Super Quench, a heat treating solution for mild and low carbon steels and with Karl Schuler developed the Recuperative Gas Forge; for which plans are still available from ABANA (Artist Blacksmiths Association of North America) and over 2000 of them have been built around the country. I have also taught at 36 regional conferences, 11 recuperative forge building workshops and demonstrated at 3 ABANA, National Blacksmithing Conferences.

In 1986 I founded the Forgery School of Blacksmithing where classes were taught for beginning, intermediate, and advanced smiths.

In 1993 I left Sandia Labs to peruse architectural commissions. Robb Gunter Architectural Metals now forges Custom Chandeliers, Door HardwareFurniture, Fireplace Enclosures, and Sculptural Pieces in fine homes and commercial buildings around the country.