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HomeDecember Meeting 2018

December Meeting at Bob’s K shop, Thank you Bob for this generous offer.

    The end of the year drawing was held. The winners were Leroy 1st Place $100.00, Joe 2nd Place $50.00, Danny 3rd Place $25.00, Zach 4th Place $25.00.  Congratulations!  This year they were all cash prizes to make it easier to purchase what they wanted where they wanted.
    Alex gave the State Fair Report and gave a Big Thanks to All that participated in both the setting up, taking down, working at the trailer, demonstrating and promoting the club.  He said this was the Best Year Ever and encouraged everyone to start now making things for next year, that it could be anything, you never know what someone is looking for.   He also said he would be around to check on us.
    Dave said that Fred Moore in Mountainair had his museum open, he has one of the largest anvil collections around.
    We said our goodbyes to Tom and wished him well on his new adventure.  He will be missed, he’s a good friend, Blacksmith and designer.  He helped with many projects.
    There was talk of the February meeting and of another 2 day workshop later next year.
    It’s time for dues, thanks to those that have already paid.  They can be paid on line or with Ed.
    Now, Many Thanks to Frank Turley and his assistant Taylor for another fantastic demonstration on making a tool (which you can never have enough) for making a nail with the perfect head.  As always this was a demo you didn’t want to miss.  Again many Thanks to Frank and Taylor.
    The Iron in The Hat was also you didn’t want to miss out on, there were Many Great items and  one little girl was lucky enough to go home with one of Alex’s Hat Tree.  And as always we had a great pot luck.