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HomeDecember 2017 Meeting Report

Dec 2, 2017 Meeting was held at Bob Keer's shop in Los Ranchos, the meeting starting as always at 9:00.
Helmut Hillenkamp and 2 of his students did the demonstration on forging a rose.  The demo started with Mr Hillenkamp showing the material and the rose that would be forged.
It was followed by the flattening of the metal and cutting the metal that would later form the rose petals.
Followed by more flattening of the petal pieces, the cutting into a 4 leaf clover, then separating the pieces again.
Followed by a short demo on the formation of the leaves that would be attached as part of the rose.
Then he demo how to form the rose, showing the importance of temperature control on the metal and at one point he broke the piece due to incorrect temp on the metal.
He went on to finish the rose with one that he had pre made to the level where that one broke and going on to finish forming the rose.
Then went on to cutting and forming the leaves at the base of the rose on the stock.
The pictures here by no means do justice to the fantastic forging done by Helmut and his assistants but hope it gives you an idea.
The meeting followed with the Annual Attendance drawing.  The 2 tools donated by Blacksmiths Depot were won by Zach and Bob.  The $25.00 gift certificates were won by Len, Greg, Chase and Tod.  The $50.00 gift certificates were won by Joe and Bruce and the $100.00 went to Ed T.
Then elections for Officers was held.  Tod and Dave stepped down as President and Vice President.  Tod expressed interest in staying on as a Board Member.  Greg was the only person interested in the President position and was elected with a Yes Vote.  Chase was also the only person interested in the Vice President position and was also elected with a Yes Vote.  Ed was was willing to continue as Treasure and no one else expressed interest in running and Ed was elected with  a Yes Vote.  Norbert also stated he would stay as Secretary and no one else expressed interest in running and Norbert was elected with a Yes Vote.
Tod stated that if any other members wish to be Board Members to please let us know.  Names of the Board Members were called bit I didn't write them down. I will try to get a list at the next meeting.
Lunch was next, as always great, followed by Iron in the Hat. 
Here is the link to Bruce Hansche's YouTube video of Helmut and assistants striking
And the photos are in the Photo Album section